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Needs on your vacation 10 things

Needs on your vacation 10 things

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While you are preparing luggage for holiday,it is rush  and excitement,you can get extra place by rolling your clothes.We recommend that don’t take too much clothes as if you wear all of it but if you want to fill your luggage,you may roll rather than fold,so you can put three pieces of clothes rather than one at the same place.For people who know that setting off  holiday with too many luggages equals entering a zig-zag road very fast,so  it is a life saving clue that rolling combinations together makes your job easier.For example,one combination,top,bottom,underwear and socks you can put same place as one piece of clothes.Engaging with too much clothes irritates and for this reason you experience a holiday you don’t like,however,you set for fun.How you make small luggage,you have much more time for yourself.On the other hand,too much clothes means cleaning problem as well.


Don’t forget during holiday your skin is resting,too.On your vacation that refresh your body with fresh air,sea water and sun,you don’t need cosmetics that are not different from mess in your luggage.You may need just for one dinner in your whole holiday so taking cosmetics extra burden for you.On your sea and sun holiday most of skin care and make up products useless except for some initial creams that you need.Covering skin with cosmetics prevent the benefits of sun light that comes right angle and intense your whole vacation,moreover cosmetics cause harmful effects for your skin because of chemical reaction.Protection your skin with sunscreen and moisturizer is an exception about this topic.We recommend leaving your cosmetics at home supposing that not enter to water with your foundation because there are lots of more useful things than it.


The philosophy of being planned that important in every part of life is more useful on your holiday.By noting all things from beginning to end,your personal time and returning plan you can use your time very effectively that spare for fun and rest.On unplanned holiday many tourists complain about their unsatisfied holiday and it passed quickly but its real reason is psychological like Einstein’s theory of relativity.Planned holiday allows you to satisfy your holiday.You will be very energitic and satisfied your returning way,if you plan when you rest and when you have fun.And also planning your holiday helps you to avoid unexpected spents economically,so you will have budget-friendly holiday .Note day by day what will you do after leaving home.


Holiday means turn back to home with a bunch of memory.You can go with your memories that you seen and experienced for one year.As memorable photos in album that you have taken on your family holiday which are remembered long years,photos that your creation help you to satisfy,too.Taking photos develop your memory  and artistic creativity,for that reason you may gain an ability that observe the events different aspects.Turn your holiday immortal by taking photo every enjoyable moment of it even short one.Make a photo album of your vacation to create a value belongs to your journey.You will understand better the value of  vacation after long time pass.Don’t forget your camera and extra memory card to take unforgetable memory of your children to transfer these memories to future.You can turn back full of holiday memories in your handbag.


For parents it is hard to visit even your nextdoor neighbour.If you are planning a famil holiday and  you have a baby,you have to take baby’s belongings detailed.You must take practical feeding bottle,baby food and containers to keep food that you need in the first break.If we make a special list of needs,car seat that turns pushchair,sun glasses,swimming cap and pool toys that avoid boredom in the pool are very important to have fun.In the holiday resort to carry your baby,baby carrier is better than baby stroller because of its practicality and size.The last thing that you don’t forget is having a convenient sunscreen for baby’s sensitive skin in your bag.



The other issue on your vacation is that taking enough security precautions on time.These initial things like using money bag,luggage lock and security alarm help you during your journey and your hotel to allow you being relaxed.If you use public transportation,baggage name cards are useful to avoid  mixing other people’s belongings.In addition to these precautions that avoid theft and lost,you can go on your holiday having wrinkle spray and sewing kit to prevent grievance in extraordinary situations.You can prevent wrinkles that occur in luggage just a spray.Also having a laundry rope may be very useful to come to help when you in need.It is safer action that carry your personal and valuable belongings in your handbag that always with you at hotel and public transportation like bus,plane etc…



Customs visitations that end surprisingly may cause leaving some part of your belongings on foreign holidays.Because of different quota of different countries,you have to get rid of extra weight and get smaller your luggage.In this situation,not to throw your belongings you will wish to prepare luggage that suitable for quota.You have to consider this quota on your returning way as well.And also negative situations about liquid quota makes tourists disappoited,so that if you violate the limit of quota that are determined 100 ml for each drinks,you have to say good bye your extra drinks.And that is useless to offer to be flexible about the rules that are determined by countries because of national security.Customs officers will insist on leaving your extra drinks that you want to bring country,because they are very sensitive about this point.It is essential that be ready for every kind of situation by short searching  how you regulate luggage quota  before you set off holiday.


If you have problem about language both domestic and foreign travel,you have to have a dictionary to use for translation that country’s language in Turkish.If your holiday is in Turkey,Turkish-English dictionary will help you to overcome difficult situations.You don’t express yourself with gestures and mimics everytime.It is vital at this point that having a holiday dictionary for basic communication.On your foreign holiday,there is no doubt that necessity of foreing language.At least,with Turkish-French and Turkish-German dictionaries reach the basic level  to express your problem.It is better to communicate with a dictionary rather than no preparation and it helps to communicate without promlem at outside your hotel.English that turns common language of Europe represents you in all European Countries.If you have private plans for holiday ,it will be better to have that country’s dictionary,too.



Someday while hanging around on your holiday area, be rained on maybe action time for you,however for many people it will be bad situation.Get an idea by checking weather forecast report before one day earlier to not to waste your  holiday because of illnesses that may turn pneumonia.It is better to have a raincoat rather than be rained on with no precautions against Mediterranean rain.Researching weather forecast helps not only protecting from rain but also getting an idea about how will be sea that day.If the day is rainy which you decided on your holiday plan for swimming,don’t let it to turn a bad surprise.The weather forecast that effects your whole  holiday plan allows you to organise your to do list day by day and also it shows when is true time for your rain camps that you want to go.The weather forecast checking that is made by smartphone in a few minutes helps you to take under control every minute of your vacation rathet than in rush with your family.



Let’s end our writing series with some small life saving suggestions that are neglected sometimes.For example,we suggest strictly quit the idea of making manicure in plane for women readers  because of prohibition of carrying prickled things with you.Likewise if you carry fragile things like Chinese porcelain vase  you have to  carry in a sensitive box with caring.For this reason,you can take fiber material with you.While searching your needs during holiday,reduce your personal needs at minimum level.How much will you use  your bath belongings?If you take shampoo,hair cream,shower gel etc... unnecessarily you will just carry them.It is very useless and hard to carry extra towel with you however hotels where you stay serve you.Analyze deeply which are useful for you when you have trouble about shuting down your luggage.Every useless thing causes to forget your real needs and be unnecessary and tiring burden for you.

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